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Wildlife on Harris

Red Deer Isle of HarrisHarris offers wildlife a host of different habitats, which vary from the machair alongside white sandy beaches, deep sea lochs, to alpine grassland on the higher mountain slopes.

From Rowan Cottage you are likely to see Eagles, Otters and Red Deer if the conditions are right.  Although usually sightings occur whilst out walking, or from your vehicle along some of the numerous single track roads.  The tip is to be on the lookout and you may be rewarded with something spectacular.

Whale watch on HarrisIt sometimes amazes people to learn that we have Dolphins, Porpoises and a variety of Whales (Risso's Dolphin, Pilot Whales and Minke Whale's are the most common) off our coast and there are plenty of lookout places to view them from, including the Lighthouse on Scalpay, just a short drive from the cottage!  Late August is a good time for Baskin Sharks. There are lots of seals, both common and grey around the shoreline and you can often see them basking on rocks, just keep looking!

One way to view the many seabirds and hopefully get a sighting of our marine mammals is to take a boat trip, why not try a day excursion is the perfect way to combine the relaxing but exhilarating experience of a boat trip whilst observing some of the very best nature that has to offer.

Some companies that offer boat trips around the islands:  Sea Harris - Kilda Cruises - Seatrek

We already mentioned Golden Eagles and now Sea Eagles are mating on Harris, but there are also other rare species like Corncrakes, the islands hold almost 50% of the UK breeding population. Puffins are summer visitors, there are also;Seabirds on the Isle of Harris

Icelandic gulls
Sedge warblers
Pied flycatchers
Spotted flycatchers
Snow buntings
Subalpine warblers
Garden warblers
Icterine warblers
Rustic buntings
Golden Orioles
Hen harriers
Whooper swans

and more.................

There are plenty of Red Deer on the islands, now thought to be amongst the most genetically pure red deer in Scotland.

Have a look at the North Harris Trust website to find out more information on wildlife watching in Harris.